About me

Hello there, my name is Jochum (pronunciation) van der Ploeg, also known on the internet as wolfenra.in.

As a human[citation needed] being who loves Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering and many other fantasy related subjects I am often considered a geek or a nerd. To make matters worse, I also love to tinker and mess with things that I probably should not touch… but it does complete the stereotype.

When I’m not playing make believe or hacking and slashing in someone else’s code, I also conquer professional challenges. Working on those I consider myself as someone who thinks outside the box and I challenge myself to grow whenever the opportunity allows for it.

One type of challenge that I like to give myself is to work on open source projects, this allows me to learn new aspects of programming and gives me the opportunity to grow into a community.

Even though I love working on open source projects, I find the most interesting challenges in game development. I love to make use of experimental rendering techniques and I often read up on the ins and outs of any interesting technique I’ve found before I go to bed.

These interests of mine are intertwined with my core strengths:

I am an advocate of open source software, and when a person or a company ask my opinion about it I always say the same thing:

You should give back to the open source community by either contributing, interacting with the community or open source your own projects. You will benefit from it in the long run.

Work Experience

Mar 2022 - Present
Open Source Engineer, Very Good Ventures

App development consultancy company that designs and build Flutter applications.

Working as an open source engineer, maintaining open source packages from Very Good Ventures and packages that they use interally.

Tasks include:
  • Maintaining existing open source packages either from Very Good Ventures or external ones. Including triaging issues, bug fixes, feature implementations and improving documentation.
  • Writing blog posts and speak at events about various open source projects and toolings.
  • Represent Very Good Venture at meetups and conferences.
Technologies used: Flutter and Dart.
Mar 2018 - Feb 2022
Full Stack Engineer, Mobiléa

Startup company focused on video call solutions for the healthcare sector.

Working as a senior engineer and as a team lead for a team of six. Keeping close communication with both the product owner and the stakeholders of different projects.

Tasks include:
  • Building custom made solutions for customers that integrate with the Mobiléa platform.
  • Maintaining the open source Flutter plugins twilio_programmable_video and twilio_programmable_chat.
  • Leading a small team on multiple internal projects.
  • Providing technical guidance for multiple internal projects.
  • Fulfilling the role of Scrum Master.
Technologies used: Flutter, Dart, NodeJS, TypeScript and by extension JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift and GitLab.

Sep 2017 - Mar 2018
Web Development, Freelancing

Freelancing for multiple companies, building custom-made websites and systems. Together with Kyzoe Hosting & Design.

Projects include:
  • Created a server monitoring tool for CentOS servers.
Technologies used: PHP, Apache and MySQL.


Aug 2018 - Present
Bachelor of Computer Science

Windesheim - Zwolle, Netherlands

  • Major: Software engineering
  • Minor: Data science
  • Part-time study
  • Expected graduation date: August 2022

Aug 2015 - July 2018
Computer Software and Media Applications

Friesland College - Heerenveen - Netherlands

  • Graduated: July 2018

Open source

Dec 2020 - Present
Maintainer, Blue Fire

Maintaining and developing packages for Flutter under the Blue Fire organization.

Projects include:
  • Flame Engine, a 2D game engine built on top of Flutter.
  • Oxygen, an ECS framework for the Dart language.
  • And many more, see the link above for all the projects.
Tasks include:
  • Developing and maintaining the sourcecode.
  • Handling bug reports and feature requests.
  • Reviewing pull requests from contributors.
  • Manage the Discord community.
Technologies used: Flutter and Dart.

May 2020 - Present
Maintainer, twilio-flutter

Maintaining and developing Flutter plugins for the Twilio Programmable Video and the Twilio Programmable Chat SDKs.

Projects include: Tasks include:
  • Developing and maintaining the sourcecode.
  • Handling bug reports and feature requests.
  • Reviewing merge requests from contributors.
  • Keep close contact with Twilio for ease of communication.
Technologies used: Flutter, Dart, Kotlin and Swift.

May 2021 - Present
Maintainer, multi_window

A personal experimental pet project that adds multi window support to Flutter on Desktop.

Technologies used: C++, GTK and Swift.

Oct 2020 - Present
Maintainer, dartlin

A Dart package that brings Kotlin-like features to Dart.

Tasks include:
  • Developing and maintaining the sourcode.
  • Handling bug reports and feature requests.
  • Reviewing merge requests from contributors.
Technologies used: Flutter and Dart.

Small but not insignificant projects


Programming Languages
These are all the languages I have worked with or am interested in:
These are the frameworks that I have worked with in the past:
Other skill that I possess that does not fit within any kind of category:
  • Git
  • GitLab CI/CD
  • Docker
  • Game development


Language Skill level
English C1
Dutch Native
Frisian Native

Random facts about me

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